Lunacon, Rye Brook NY, March 14-16 2014

Since moving to New York, showing at Lunacon popped onto my list of things to do, but I hadn't gotten around to it despite my best intentions. It is a venerable convention, on its 57th year now, and has long been host to area fandom as well as drawing from authors and artists from the region's publishing-rich pool to serve as its Guests of Honor. The list of Artist Guests of Honor has often been a who's-who of professionals who've spent time in this industry through the last 30 years or so.

So I'm happy to be joining them as Lunacon 2014's Artist Guest of Honor! The Writer GoH will be Ryk E. Spoor.

What does this mean? Well, it's a relatively local show to me, so it means I'll have a lot of original art on display for you to enjoy and take home. I'll probably be part of jurying the art show, and will be around much of the weekend participating in various to-be-announced capacities. Maybe do a demo, be on some art-related discussion panels, possibly a History of Me presentation. That sort of thing. These sorts of shows are relaxed and intimate and I'm looking forward to hanging out with folks there.

They also have a tradition. Long ago, famed comic artist Wally Wood designed a character for them called a "Luny," which was essentially an astronaut, seated on a crescent moon, reading a book. In years since they've asked the AGoH to illustrate a take on it, however loosely. He's evolved over time as a result. Here's mine!

"Luny 2014" digital over ink

"Luny 2014" digital over ink

Look, if I'm going to send any cat out into space, it'll be my own, right? No, really, take my cat!

Apologies to paper-book lovers, but my cat can't turn pages very easily without shredding them. Anyway, this illustration will get reproduced in a few places related to the show, and the original ink drawing will be made available at the art show next March.

I Haz Cat pt.8

It was 12 years ago this month that we brought our little hairball factory home. These are still from that set of watercolors done back in '00, when he was not quite 1 year old.