Figure Drawing

Sketchbook Peek

Now that I've wrapped up this last Figure Drawing project, I have a dilemma. Because I've never been able to keep a sketchbook, I intended from the beginning to fill this one up; I bought it for that purpose. That was part of the project--to stick to filling a sketchbook. Some folks fill tons and tons of sketchbooks, but I've never been able to. I abandon them. You can tell I was not entirely optimistic because I just chose a store-bought basic one, not a fancy bound one. Looking back, I would have of course bought a nicely bound moleskine or something. After being tossed in my backpack many times as I biked (NC) or rode the subway (NY) to and from class, it's gotten a little beat-up, at least along the spiral binding. Each page is perforated for easy removal. It would be easy to remove the pages and break the book up. Most pages have multiple drawings, a lot of which weren't put on this series of blog-posts.

As an artist who draws and paints to earn his living, I would have an interest in selling these. I'm kinda wedded to the book as a complete whole. Ideally, I'd find a way to sell the entire thing. It'd be nice knowing the whole thing went to one person. Otherwise, I'd be parting it out. But parting it out means that each sheet has multiple drawings, and the whole sheet isn't always tidily arranged. A few of the drawings weren't so hot, or weren't finished sufficiently (ran out of time). Sometimes those drawings are on the same page as a better drawing, sometimes so close that I couldn't even cut out the nicer drawing in a rectangle without including part of another. The best way to sell the best stuff would be to tear each page out and then cut each nice drawing out in isolation. But then I'd have a butchered collection. What to do?

Well, this is the book in question. I thought it'd be fun to let you all have a peek at the entire thing, since a lot of it hasn't been posted in this series. So, here's a video of that. What would you do--leave it whole, cut out pages, or cut out individual drawings? Somehow, I have to maintain my Ramen and PB&J diet.

Edit 9/2016: There had been a YouTube video here that had me flipping through the whole book in question; as it had unlicensed music and they tagged it, I pulled it. The conversation about it remains.