I Haz Cat pt.5

He's back!

Happy 11th birthday. We don't actually know his birthday, but we got him from a rescue at what was believed to be 8 weeks old, on June 1, so we rounded back to April Fool's as it seemed appropriate somehow.

I did a few watercolors of Kirby back when he was 1, back in 2000 sometime. I never scanned them and subsequently forgot about them. I never work in watercolor and don't even own any now. I think this was in fact the last time I touched them. I painted these rather small (maybe 3" wide) using two colors, a brown and a purple. 

Studios I Have Known

Over on my Facebook Fan Page, I recently added a photo set which details studios I've worked in from 2004-present. One of the good things about the Fan Page is the ability to add photo albums like this, which would be impossible to do in one blog post here. Each photo has additional commentary and is tagged with little details here and there.

Perhaps of chief importance, you don't need a Facebook account or to be subscribed to my Page to see it.

If you're a long-time blog reader, you've seen as I moved from place to place, from San Jose on through Europe and back to the East Coast now. What I have pulled together are photos of the apartments we lived in and pictures of my mini-studios in each location. I've gotten quite used to working with a minimal setup, though I always pine for a nice separate bedroom which I could stuff with books, supplies, and such--perhaps a nice sturdy easel or drafting table. Even the bulk of my actual paintings and drawings are still being stored back in CA because I have no room for them here.

I promised I wouldn't leave you out of the loop of what's going on over there so, travel back and enjoy!