A few months back, I produced this study for Every Day original:

"Soar" study 11x14" pencil and acrylic on paper Sold

"Soar" study
11x14" pencil and acrylic on paper

I've been working with GiveMeMana to produce some Custom Magic Tokens, and this was a study for one such. I decided I'd paint it up, and paint it big and bring it with me to IlluXCon in October.

Over the course of summer as I was busy with any number of things, I kept thinking about it. I'd worked up early on a very simple environmental concept for it, but until I sat down to paint, it doubts kept flooding my mind. It's not that I didn't like the concept I was prepared to paint, it's that outside forces were standing against me.

You see, modern fantasy art of this kind has evolved tremendously over the past 20-30 years, and continues to change at a rapid pace. I've been illustrating through it all and have recognized and adopted some aspects, while being a bit resistant to all the changes.

Those changes presented me with all kinds of challenges to this composition: it was too simple, too quiet, too naturalistic. I told myself I should create a very dramatic sky with lots of dark and light and color variation, there should be an ominous or very creative background--jagged cliffs! Huge crumbled statues it's flying between! Tops of towers or battlements, with people on them taking cover or shooting! Raining lava!

There should be multiple wyverns! They should be breathing fire or magic or whatever! The beast should have brightly colored patterns on its wings or scales. All these things, commonplace and almost no-brainer these days, kept crowding my mind.

But I remembered the morning I stood looking out on this very environmental scene, still a bit misty and quiet, and imagined that wyvern flying through it: quiet, it's huge wings the only sound breaking the silence of morning. As if I'd heard it and looked to see this beast pass by, rare and unexpected. Like when you see a wild animal while hiking.

Despite a world of doubts, I committed to painting this scene as I envisioned it. It wasn't for clients, who at any time could request the kinds of scenes I mentioned earlier, all of which would also create great illustrations, and certainly more dramatic ones. This was for itself, to stand in front of and enjoy. I suppose in that sense I was painting this to be a painting first and foremost.

Going with your gut does not always give you the correct answer, but I enjoyed painting this piece as it is.

"Soar" 24x36" oil over acrylic Original available

24x36" oil over acrylic
Original available