Dream Worlds Exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art

From the museum website:

“Dream Worlds: The Art of Imaginative Realism” (on view November 23, 2016 – March 12, 2017) assembles award-winning artists from around the country who play a pivotal role in the art of cinema, television, set design, 3D animation, gaming, and costume design—pushing the boundaries of contemporary realism through the guise of surrealism. Their creations are now a fundamental component of both the fine art world and the commercial art industry. This exhibition is certain to entertain and educate all ages with a journey through the art of imaginative realism, offering fantastic visions within the past, the unexplored future, and even the unseen present—a journey that may inspire viewers to explore their own creativity and storytelling ability through art. “Dream Worlds” is produced with CMA guest-curator and Canton native, Chris Seaman, an award-winning artist-illustrator.

With thanks to the aforementioned Chris Seaman, I am currently participating in this show--my first in an actual civic museum. The broader world of Imaginative Realism is extremely varied still, and this show runs the gamut. Some pieces hold down one end being very whimsical, while myself and a couple others are holding down the more serious end of the fort. 

"Glossai Pyros II" (L) and "Glossai Pyros" (R) Thanks to  Tom Kuebler  for the photo from the opening

"Glossai Pyros II" (L) and "Glossai Pyros" (R)
Thanks to Tom Kuebler for the photo from the opening

Both these paintings hanging at this exhibition, for the first and probably last time, since "Glossai Pyros" was sold to a collector before I painted the second piece, and is on loan for the exhibit.

"Glossai Pyros II" is available for purchase through the Museum. Please contact them for details.