Gameplay: A Tribute to Video Games

Notable mostly for me, today is the 12th anniversary of my blog. I always count election day as the official anniversary day, having launched on an election day here in the USA.

In the news, I have two paintings in a group show, Gameplay: A Tribute to Video Games, over at Helikon Gallery in Denver, CO, running through Dec. 10.

This makes the second gallery show which has hosted works from my Hearts for Hardware series. The first was my solo show at Krab Jab Studio a little over a year ago. In both cases, I did not pitch being in the shows, but was asked to participate, which is extremely gratifying.

My work hanging @helikongallery through Dec.10, opened last night #art #videogames #retrogames #gallery

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As regards the art itself, I consider these opportunities to be a win for the series in general. One of the things I wanted to do with this series was to elevate objects which are normally kept firmly on the side of entertainment, frivolities, even toys, to the status of Art in some small way. This is one reason I haven't gone for fun, jokey gags but have treated them as straight, serious still life paintings, though admittedly the site hosting them is a bit intentionally retro. It's a reason I have not portrayed people playing the hardware (something I've been asked to consider a couple of times). So, all this tells me that I am on the right track, and this encourages me to continue on with the series.

In any case, "Motion Control, At Rest" and "Master Gear" are both hanging at Helikon in Denver. They also are stocking a few of the giclees of other images. If you are around, stop by and see the show. If not, and if you are interested in purchasing the works, drop them a line!