Two New Still Life Paintings and Videos

One of the things I like about still life painting is painting seasonal things, so, a couple weeks back I sat and painted two still life pieces appropriate to the season.

"2 Pumpkins" 6" x 8" oil on canvas

"2 Pumpkins" 6" x 8" oil on canvas

A friend of mine has some small kids tending a little pumpkin patch in the backyard. These still life paintings are usually small, so I needed some small pumpkins and theirs were perfect. I purchased them from the boys and brought them home. My main intent was to carve one or both to paint, but before I potentially ruined them, I figured I should get at least one painting out of them. So I set them together and got to work.

That night, I carved up one of these with a traditional jack o' lantern face. These were small pumpkins, about actual size as portrayed on the panel. Carving small pumpkins is a bit tricky, but it was a simple pattern. My wife got a kick watching me carve this tiny pumpkin with an Xacto blade--we have never carved pumpkins together since we don't really acknowledge Halloween in our home. Therefore, I hadn't carved a pumpkin since the 80s. I kept the second pumpkin as a back-up in case I demolished the first.

The next day, I sat and painted a very different still life painting using just the one pumpkin. It appears larger than life on its canvas, owing to wanting it to fill the space more and having it closer to me as I painted so it just looked larger, too. 

"Classic Jack" 6" x 8" oil on canvas  Available at Every Day Original

"Classic Jack" 6" x 8" oil on canvas
Available at Every Day Original

In addition to painting these two pieces back-to-back, I decided to film the painting of them. Adding some narration to them, they make nice little inexpensive painting demos. I think of it this way: buy me a fancy coffee and in the time it takes to enjoy it, I'll talk to you about art and you can watch me paint. There are two videos, though some of the concepts in each build on what is said in the other video.

You can see all my demo videos on my page at Gumroad.