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Born: Halloween, 1974
Resides: Sonoma County, CA
Family: wife Monica, cat Kirby
Studied: California College of the Arts '91-'94
Pronounced: guy-A-goes

Photo credit: Helen Thompson

Anchored in Reality, on the Cusp of Dreams

I believe that the vividness with which a creator holds their vision should not be dulled when the viewer sees it. Everyone who brings their project to me to illustrate has been meticulous and labored hard over it. You've put blood, sweat and tears into your project, and you deserve an illustrator who will do the same.

Throughout my career, I've produced hundreds of illustrations, working almost exclusively in oils. When needed, I produce digital final illustrations, but when I can I use physical media, preferring the organic depth of color and detail often missing these days in much (but not all!) digital illustration.

I've been blessed with an incredibly supportive wife, opportunity, and some measure of success. The pursuit of greatness in art is a solitary, slow, all-consuming task, with few encouragements available on the average day. Because of this I am very grateful to the many people who have liked my work enough to support it, either through commissioning me for their projects, or collecting prints and original artwork.

Let's make something wonderful together.

  • Most of my work is for commercial clients. If you'd like to commission me for your project,
  • I also work with plenty of small and self-publishers. Learn about how to commission illustration here, then email me.
  • I also produce paintings specifically for collectors to own--be part of the creative process and own a unique work of art.
Client list:

Random House, Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro, Blizzard Entertainment, Topps, the Upper Deck Company, Zondervan Publishers, Plansponsor Magazine, ImagineFX Magazine, Applibot, Inc., Cygames, Inc., Abrams Books, DeNA Co., Ltd., Manteau Publishers, Asimov's Science Fiction, Lightspeed Magazine, Chartwell Books, Fantasy Flight Games, The Science Fiction Bookclub, Alderac Entertainment Group, White Wolf Publishing, Cricket Magazine, Cryptozoic Entertainment, NEXON, Infinite Interactive, Great Northern Games, as well as a host of smaller publishers and also companies whose careers I've outlasted

My artwork has been honored with recognition in the following:

Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (vols. 11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22)
Art Renewal Center Salon, 2013, 2014
Society of Illustrators West, 52

Member, Oil Painters of America, 2015